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Welcome to Tiny Tiger!

Our product range is a selection of the best and smartest baby products on the market, mixed with clothes that stand out. For us it is very important that the clothes for our little ones are organic, both for the environment, and for the children. We also stress a lot on the cute design for the joy of both parents and kids! 

We ship worldwide and all our clothes are handmade with love.
We also sell cute and modern posters of all types.

About the owner:
I'm Hannah, a mother and a wife who was looking for a way to work and be near to my daughter at the same time. Living in India I also searched for an opportunity to be able to work from anywhere, independent of location, and that's how the idea of Tiny Tiger was born. My passion for comfortable, organic and pretty babyclothes started as I became a mother and is the fuel behind the company.
Today the company is based in Sweden where I live with my husband and two children, and we are happy to see the business grow day by day.

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